Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ad Free, Yes & No

This is a choice that was tough to on an active blog but with one active blog in Wordpress and another collecting dust in cyberspace, I decided to try with ad "experiment" in the one that was collecting dust.
But of, course I need to make sure that this blog remains "active" as well - perhaps with some "pay per post" posts. Turning to the dark side maybe but the thing is it does not affect my actual active blog.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I may be turning to the dark side but I have nothing to lose. More when I recollected my thoughts on this.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

BJ Thoughts has moved!

I could be rushing on things but here it goes...

By now, some of you may have seen the other side of BJ Thoughts using Wordpress. After an almost a year at Blogger and several days of “parallel” run, time has come to migrate from the old house at Blogger to a new one at Wordpress.

I got involved with Wordpress by accident. Yes, I have heard of Wordpress before and there have been a number of posts on Wordpress version 2.0 in the blogsphere. Someone wanted to know a good tool for blogging and since they had the benefit of free server hosting, I recommended Wordpress as that is what the majority been using. However it was an irony that I was recommending something that I have not used myself. So I hopped over to Wordpress.Com and realized that they have free hosting for blogs similar to one at Blogger.

So, I weighted the advantages between Wordpress and Blogger to be sure that it is indeed worthwhile to move. After all just like moving house - that is a big and critical decision.


1. Definitely a better blogging management (it is properly laid out and has more management features compared to Blogger)

2. Integrated blog stats (this is not a big issue really but in Blogger, it means using a 3rd party stats facility. In Wordpress, it is there all at one place)

3. Better commenting system (very similar to Haloscan but without the limitation of 100 comments in the Haloscan’s free version…right?)

4. Cleaner interface to do “on the spot” editing on existing posts (I can just click on my older post and if I don’t like what I see, I can click immediately to edit. There is something similar in Blogger but in Wordpress, it is cleaner and fast)


1. It is part of Google (do I need to say more? is just starting out)

2. Integrated picture hosting (I thought it will be a problem because Wordpress does not have such features [yet] but I found a solution to link the pictures from Blogger to Wordpress. Besides, I still have Photobucket to stand by for hosting pictures for Wordpress)

3. Writing a new post is cleaner and easy (No offence to Wordpress but it is a difficult to write a post in Wordpress. The window is small and for some reason, Wordpress adds new codes to the html version of the new post. In Blogger, it is cleaner and I don’t have to double check the html codes before I click on the “publish” button)

4. Unlimited choice of template (free hands on the xhtml codes), plug-ins and hacks (I know Wordpress can do the same but when using the free hosting at, choices are limited. However I am sure that things will change as more and more people starts to use their services. For now, I am happy with what I have for now in Wordpress)

Balancing the both, Wordpress has an edge – its management system wins hands down (I am sure a lot of “satisfied customers” will attest to this). I am sure it will be even powerful if I have my own domain. Of course, I will have the luxury of moving back to Blogger if things do not work out at

And just like moving to a new house, there is still a lot of work to be done at the new house. I need to re-tag my older posts categories and readjust some of the pictures in some of the older posts.

So, here it is – the address for the new house:-

BJ Thoughts new URL:-

BJ Thoughts new Feed URL:-

See you there!
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Friday, April 14, 2006

Lucky Number Slevin – a short review

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)
My advice to those who have not watched this movie yet, drop whatever you are doing now and go and see the movie.

The story, although nothing new (the story of a son growing up to avenge the death of his parents – you can find plenty of such stories in Tamil & Hindi movies), is beautifully crafted with witty dialogues thrown in. To add the icing on the cake, the acting by Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsley (did not know when he got the “sir” thing) and of course Josh Harnett was first rate. It is about a man being at the wrong place, at the wrong time and the director Paul McGuigan pulled out a very crafty picture, leaving many of us to second guess until the very end, when the entire puzzle falls into the right places.

A short synopsis from the internet (ya, I am bit lazy here)…

It all starts with a horse. Then an innocent man is mistaken for someone who owes money to a bookie. And when Mr. Goodkat (Bruce Willis), the most notorious assassin around, blows into town, everyone knows something big is about to burst. But what?

Slevin (Josh Hartnett) comes to New York to visit his friend Nick, but finds his apartment empty. "I think Nick is in trouble," says Lindsey (Lucy Liu), his neighbor. This becomes clear to Slevin when he opens the door expecting to see cute little Lindsey and gets a henchman's knuckles instead. The criminal bosses (Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley) wants to see Nick, and Slevin can't prove he's not Nick because his pocket got picked that morning. Soon he finds himself in the middle of a high-profile murder being plotted by one of New York's biggest crime bosses against another. Exactly what kind of trouble is Nick in?

In my opinion, Josh did the better job than the rest, probably because he was the main lead – we were thinking that he is indeed the guy with the bad luck until the last moment when Josh revealed the true character of himself. Morgan Freeman and Ben Kingsley were at their elements portraying the gangster leaders nicknamed “The Boss” and “The Rabbi”. The joke in the movie is the question: why he is called the Rabbi? Bruce Willis was cold enough to be notorious killer. His opening scene with the real Nick in a wheelchair was a classic – that is where he will tell about the story of the horse (which itself is good enough to be made into a feature film). Lucy Liu was the coroner who just looked great on bed. What? She did not do much acting, ok? She did? I must have missed that part - most guys (ahem!) were too busy looking at her “moves” on bed.
Josh and Lucy Liu trying to figure out why Josh been marked as the wrong man or was it Josh found something on Lucy Liu's face?
One thing that the movie stands for (other than a great story-telling & superb camera moves) is the witty dialogues. Look at these and tell me if it is not:-

Slevin (telling Ben Kingsley when asked who he is): I'm just a guy who is in the wrong place at the wrong time

Slevin (telling the police detective when held up at the restaurant’s wash room): I'm just a guy who's dinner's getting cold

Man (Morgan Freeman’s henchman): The boss wants to see you
Slevin: Who?
Man: The Boss
Slevin: Who's the Boss?
Man: The guy we work for

Slevin: I'm not the guy your'e looking for, I don’t live here.
Man two: Yeah well, you like the guy who lives here.
Slevin: Well you don't know what the guy that lives here looks like.
Man one: What he means to say is, you look like the guy who lives here man.
Man two: yeah... that is what I meant to say.
Slevin: But I'm not Nick.

Girlfriend (after Slevin finds her on bed with another man): It was an accident...
Slevin: What? Like you tripped and he fell?

The Boss (Morgan Freeman as he is walking towards Slevin): I’m the boss
Slevin (pointing at the bigger and better looking henchman): I thought he was the boss
The Boss: Why, do we look alike?

Slevin: They picked up the wrong guy
The Boss: The wrong guy for what?
Slevin: Whatever it is, you want to see me about.
The Boss: Do you know what is, what I want to see you about?
Slevin: No
The Boss: Then how do you know, I have the wrong guy? Maybe I want to give you a $96.000 dollars. In that case, do I still have the wrong guy?
Slevin: Do you want to give me $96.000 dollars?
The Boss: No. Do you want to give ME $96.000 dollars?
Slevin: No. should I?
The Boss: I don’t know, should you?

The Boss to Slevin: “You’re in my pocket and if you don’t do what I want you to do, you’ll go from my pocket to my fridge (whilst looking at the fridge containing his bookie’s dead body)”

Enough said. Just go and watch the movie (or the trailer here)
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Real men don’t ask for directions

Q: Why did Moses wander in the desert for 40 years?
A: He wouldn't ask for directions.

In case you are wondering about the above question, it’s all about being a man…

I and my wife decided to watch a late night movie in Sunway Pyramid. It was a time out for us as a couple without having our son tagging along. We went to watch the 9.10 pm show. After watching the movie (more about it later), we casually walked towards the exit to the car park. When I pushed the exit glass door, we realized that the door was locked. I tried a few other doors but the result was the same. All of them were locked as well.

The time by then was already showing 11.30 pm. My wife keep asking me to ask someone for the exit out but I did not. I gave her the “I know what I am doing” look. We were calm though – we walked to one floor down hoping that the exit there was not locked. Our hopes however were dashed when we saw that it was locked too.

Don’t get me wrong. The exit to the mall’s parking lots was opened but the problem was that we did not park there. We parked at the adjacent hotel’s parking lots. I usually park there because there always are some empty spots.

Despite of the spot that we were in, I still did not opt for asking someone for direction. I was hoping to see a security guard to ask for directions but there was none. There were a lot of people in the mall at that time but not even one security guard was around. We kept walking around and were kind of getting desperate because the 15 minutes grace period on the parking ticket to exit the parking lot was running out fast.

We finally saw some mall maintenance staff coming out from a storeroom. I quickly went and ask them. They directed us to an exit just one floor up (from our original exit) and guess what – it is exited to the hotel lobby (I have forgotten about this exit even though I have used it several times before). There were no doors between the hotel and the mall there. Feel sheepishly, we thanked them and rushed to our car. We managed to scramble out from the parking lot with seconds to spare before the ticket expired.

My wife keeps telling me that I could have saved a lot of trouble if I just stopped and asked someone for direction. She was right. It would have saved us time, anxiety and energy.

Then again, real men don’t ask for direction, don’t they?
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How fast you can go on a bike?

Well, on a big Kawasaki Ninja…that’s about 300 km/h within a couple of seconds!

I have done up to 120 km/h on a Yamaha RXZ before but doing a 300 km/h on a public road is one crazy act.
Watch out for the slowing down of the bike from almost 300 km/h to 120 km/h when there was traffic on the fast lane – that’s what I will call cool riding.

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