Friday, June 24, 2005

Another attempt to lose weight

That’s right, inspired by Din…I am trying another attempt to lose weight. I was a bit heroic last month when I managed to reduce 5 kg within 1 week but temptation is just too strong for me to continue

This is also the time when my wife’s cooking got better and I enjoyed eating more of her dishes.

A trip to Tesco Hypermarket couple of weeks ago was a blessing in disguise. I discovered “Tummy Trimmer Powder”. It was not expensive…just RM23.90. Tasted exactly like Milo and can be taken before or during normal meal. Been taking for 2 weeks now and I can feel slight improvements.

Ya, probably I was expecting miracles but I don’t mind a little help from food supplements. I have cut down the morning nasi lemaks but been eyeing the new nasi lemak shop near my house for dinners (haaa….temptations, temptations!!)

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* An array of “arsenals” to fight the stubborn fats around my stomach and ahem…back(side). Bring it on brother

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* Promising words from Tummy Trimmer…”formulated…to lose fat” “tones flabby stomach muscles”, etc. I am not sure it is working for me but it is working wonders for my wife. She is actually gaining weight!

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* Damn!! I can’t see…something around my stomach area is blocking my view. What a bad way of reminding me that I am overweight.

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* Ha, that’s better! What the f@#k? This morning, the scale showed 90 kg. Now it is showing 92.5 kg! I could not just gained 2.5 kgs within couple of hours! (or is it due to the 2 nasi lemaks with sotong which I just ate)

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* That ought to teach the bathroom scale a lesson on showing the “right” weight


mystic said...


just happened to stumbled upon ur block. I am also on diet and shared with Din my so called dieting formula.

The thing is, u hv to give up nasi lemak totally, I did & to date, I've lots 7 1/2 kg in 3 wks, which isnt too bad.

This kind of thing cant be hurried one...

In any case, if u need more info, email me at

Good luck on the dieting...hehe here's to a good weekend

vivica-defect said...

hmm im trying to lose weight too. unsuccesfully too i might add.

i work out everyday but i eat like a pig.

how leh?

Vernon said...

I need to lose weight because I am the heaviest go-karter on the planet!


vivica-defect said...

could we start a weight losing blog thingy? hehe

Din said...

heheh, mystic really helped loads! trust her, it will happen! eat and gym makes a happy and lighter man!

Metria said...

Try the low GI diet, it's the latest "fad" and apparently this one really works. Milo & Nutella are low GI, so these boleh makan.... while watermelon and potatoes are out. Apparently the worst thing for you is white bread and short grained rice. If you can avoid these two, I think the weight loss can be quite dramatic.

Anonymous said...

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