Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Don’t teach me about patriotism!


Truly I am sick and tired on the issue of patriotism in the last few days

I love this country and am willing to lay my life defending it. However, when someone decides to label patriotism with the singing of the national anthem, it was way too much.

Instead of that, I suggest that the Government look into the following as the means to show patriotism:-

  • Be a better driver. No more road hogging, queue jumping and reckless driving
  • Equality for all. Give deserving students the scholarship and assistance irregardless of sex, religion and race. After all, they are the future of the nation which deserves such “investments”
  • Save money. Close down failed and money wasting projects. To continue to use public funds like EPF to bail out such projects should be regarded as a sabotage of the nation’s economy
  • Punish the rowdies. Anyone who tries to disrupt the nation’s peace by having street demonstrations should be stripped off their Malaysian citizenship
  • Death for corruption. Corruption should be labeled as equal as other serious crimes such as murder and drug trafficking and should be severally dealt without fear or favor

If the Government is not willing to do it, then please do not talk about patriotism by singing the national anthem. The world is bigger than that…

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