Friday, July 29, 2005

Only in Africa, you can find these morons!


My comments to his story:-

"I want my children to be farmers but I have no land, I want them to go to school but I have no money,"
Comment: I also can say that I want my children to be AP Kings but I am not Bumiputera. Does that qualify me to have a lot of children too? Vision as opposed to capability…which is better?

He used to be rich and wanted to share his wealth around, which is why he took so many wives.
Comment: What a way to share your wealth, way to go man! It’s like saying that I have plenty of money but since I want to share it, I decided to take loans (even though I don’t need one) from 11 Ah Longs

He blames Ethiopia's government for not doing more to help him look after all his children. "I know I have done wrong by marrying many wives and begetting many children but I think I deserve help from the government."
Comment: Really? First of all, I urged the Ethiopian Government to hang Ayyatu for his stupidity. Maybe I should go to Genting and lose all my money at the casino and then blame the Government and say that I deserved to be helped (but wait, is it something that some Malays been practicing? Maybe I should join them)

"People see me as a funny man, but there is no fun in my condition. I am a desperate man struggling to survive," he says.
Comment: True, it is not funny but then again, it also does not beg our sympathy. Remember Isaac Newton and his Law? For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, marry more, suffer more.

This is my favorite:-

Although Mr Ayattu's eldest son, Dagne Ayattu, does not have a job, at the age of 33, he has seven children and is about to marry his fourth wife. But he says he will not have as many children or wives as his father.
Comment: I must be getting weaker at maths…eldest son (of a moron) + no job + young age of 33 – 3 wives – 7 seven children + about to marry 4th wife = bigger moron than his father?

So, if ever again, anyone talks about helping the people in Africa through Live8 or similar nonsense, I have to show them this story to make them realise not to waste their sweat on such Africans.

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