Friday, September 30, 2005

Is Parliament turning into a Zoo?

An interesting read at Lim Kit Siang’s blog titled “92% Parliament majority turns ugly...”. Well, it is not the first time I am hearing about it or have shaken my head on the hooligans that we have elected to the Parliament. This led me to think on the reasons why majority is showing their ugly side:-

Cause: Bullying the minority seems to be a good entertainment in Parliament
Solution: Have a special room with 42” TV showing favorite serials, EPL games, others to provide entertainment. May want to thrown in “belly dancing” too if want to follow Selangor PAC’s way of having entertainment.

Cause: The stress of “tai-chi-ing” and “sweeping under the carpet” serious problems builds up and they need a way to release this stress
Solution: Follow the “Rafidah Proven Method” – skip Parliament session and have overseas trip for “important work”

Cause: The MPs are paid “peanuts” and as such, they act as one
Solution: Help MPs to earn side-income by giving them more APs – afterall AP Kings are earning millions

Cause: To disrupt opposition’s long winded session so that all can go back early (or to avoid answering)
Solution: Ask the opposition to blog their comments and the MPs read about it at their leisure time
Yes, these are jokes but sometimes I really wonder the MPs are acting up to expectation of the rakyat or just "monkeying around". I think the best quotes on the parliament question and answer time is best described in the series “Yes, Minister”:-

James Hacker: So when this next comes up at Question Time, you want me to tell Parliament that it's their fault that the Civil Service is too big?

Sir Humphrey Appleby: But it is the truth, Minister.

James Hacker: I don't want the truth. I want something I can tell Parliament!

How true! As Sir Humphrey Appleby says "Politicians like to panic, they need activity. It's their substitute for achievement".
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